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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m supposed to be making chicken and dumplings, so this is going to be short. Or long and we’ll just have pizza.

2. I spent the majority of yesterday and a great deal of today with my mother in law in two hospitals getting two different procedures done. Neither was nice and both were painful, but we were in it together and kept our proverbial chins up. However, losing a green bin full of sweatpants (there were only three green bins and NONE of them had sweatpants, I swear!) was end of the chin. It fell to the chest, where it stayed for quite some time. It was needed, it was necessary and it certainly wasn’t about sweatpants. This being a caregiver is a learning process, people.

3. The weather cannot decide what it wants to do. We’re down in the 50’s, we’re in the upper 60’s, it’s cloudy, it’s sunny….it’s all over the map. Don’t you love Fall?!

4. Speaking of fall and playing sports, apparently the Philadelphia Phillies have won the NL East championship, so we’re in the Pennant Race now. I don’t follow baseball–don’t even LIKE baseball, so why is there this weird sense of pride?

5. My hairdressser was in a chatty mood this morning. My hair is somewhat shorter than normal. I’m not overly fond of it, but realize, philosophically, that not only can I not do anything about it, but that in two weeks it will be fine and I’ll like it. So I’ll suck it up for two weeks and put a lot of gunk in it and live with it being “cute” as opposed to nice.

6. My visit to the ENT yielded a steroid and a GI-side-effectes-laden antibiotic. But my cheek feels a little better, so hey, I’ll deal.

7. Tomorrow night is our anniversary dinner out, although our anniversary is on Wednesday. 14 years and I’d do the same thing. I love the wonderful man I married!


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