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Worship Team

I led worship today in the first official time as a new worship leader of my own team. I’ve done it as Jim’s back up before, but never like this. Jim’s team has: him on lead vocals and guitar, Emma on vocals, me on vocals and piano, Noah on bass, Billy on mandolin and Ray on drums. My team is me on lead vocals and piano, with Billy and Emma on vocals. Our first real practice was this morning (!), so there hasn’t been much time to work on harmonies etc. I hope at some point to get some cool 3 part harmony going, but we’ll see.

Have I told you about my mansion in heaven? It will have 24-hour-a-day men’s acapella blasting away. 😀 I LOVE LOVE LOVE tight harmonies–especially with men’s voices. No, I don’t know why, but there it is.

So Jim’s down at NASCAR today, in Dover, Delaware (about three hours or so from our home). More power to him! I’m grateful to just have Finding Nemo on the TV instead of 500 miles of left turns and pit stops. I love you, Jim! I just don’t love NASCAR.

I finished Diana Gabaldon’s Echo in the Bone. Ummm….I have to wait three more years to find out the outcomes of at least five cliffhangers. ARRRGGGG!

I just re-read my post about worry. Still having a hard time with smelling that omnicience. We’re more than tight with money right now. Seriously. Like having to dip into our “emergency fund” because of Jim’s truck’s inspection. Because that actually constitutes an emergency. But yuck. We need to get some extra fundage going!

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