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7 Quick Takes Friday

Another week come and gone, with September almost gone as well. How fast this year is flying!

1. Laura is home today, under the weather. In the end she maybe could have gone, but I’d rather err on the side of keeping a kid home than sending one in and then wishing I hadn’t. From September until June this is the bane of my morning existence–is the child sick enough to stay home? (especially with Ethan, who’s bus comes at 6:50!)

2. She’s currently ensconced on the playroom couch, watching a DVD of George of the Jungle. No, not the movie. The old cartoons I used to watch and love as a kid. She likes it, too.

3. She and I were talking about computers and computer graphics and why something like Shrek couldn’t have been made when I was her age. My explanation? “Because computers were babies at that point!” Simplistic, but true. Her response? “You mean, they weren’t MOTHER boards yet?” Get it? (I didn’t!, but once she explained it I was rather impressed!)

4. I went to bed in Indian Summer and woke, thankfully, in fall. I mentioned earlier this week that one of the things I love about fall is the cooler weather. Having to put on the A/C in late September is just WRONG.

5. We had cider pork pot roast last night, which was (as before) YUMMY. However, the three children that tried it (Ethan being exempt) all went to bed early and presumably hungry. On their plates were: 3 pieces of pork, one carrot and one potato. Not one of the would eat everything. I am getting VERY FED UP with the drama of dinner time. SERIOUSLY FED UP. Suggestions, anyone? Right now if they try everything and then don’t like it, they may have something else that they can prepare for themselves. I know I’m not the only one in this predicament, but it’s getting very old. When they were little with feeding tubes and problems, we were just so grateful they ate anything. Now they are 8 and 6 and healthy and need to move on from it, already!

6. Diana Gabaldon, one of my all time favorite authors, finally came out with Book #7 of her series. I’ve been waiting three years for this, so I’m rather excited. If you have never heard of or read her, please go to your local library and get out “Outlander” (first in the series) and keep on going. She’s EXCELLENT. (I read the first book when it came out in 1992, so it’s been a long time!)

7. One of the new things for us this school year is Ethan is having homework. In a few weeks he will have a Braille typewriter in our home to do his homework. Until he is verbally dictating it and I’m writing it down. It’s fun!

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