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"Which of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?"

Do you know who said those wise words? You! You in the front, what’s your answer? Yes!

Jesus. And man, did He know what He was talking about!!

Backstory: I planned my timing carefully. I had to be done grocery shopping by A so I could get home and put groceries away and grab lunch by B, so I could be out the door by C to pick up laundry from my grandmother-in-law’s house at D to be at my MIL’s by E to get to her doctor appointment by F. However….

Yesterday morning after getting my reusable grocery bags out of the van and locking up I had that dreaded moment of “Oh No!”. Yes, I locked my keys in the van. Spare set was at home. Husband was at work. Next-door neighbor was probably home, but she doesn’t drive. I went in and got the yellow pages and called a locksmith company. They said 45 minutes to an hour. $39.99 fee to show up, $35 fee if they were able to actually get my van open. No other options (oh, if I only had a brain!), I proceed to shop.

About 15 minutes into it, I get a call from the actual locksmith guy–he’s about 45 minutes away. Ok. While not thrilled, I continue shopping. I check out. I sit down in the Subway that’s in the WalMart, call my husband to give him a status update, call my sister to tell my tale of woe, and start worrying about that perfect timing that is about to get shot to pieces.

1 hour and 20 minutes pass. I finally call the guy and he’s 10 minutes away. I’m not confident of his timing, although I go outside and wait. I call the agency and explain my disappointment with their idea of “45 minute to an hour”. I literally could have walked home and back by this time. As I wait, I see my two-doors-down-neighbors, who, although I’m not very close to them, I’m utterly thrilled to see. I explain my situation and they willingly agree to drive me home and back. I call the agency and cancel Mr. Extremely Late Locksmith (they were not happy campers, believe me) and they drive me home where I had forgotten–happily–to lock my back door. I run in, drag my groceries in and throw the perishables into the fridge and freezer. I race upstairs, Jim on the phone giving me instructions, and grab the spare key. By this time the neighbor is back. She drives me to the van and halleluia I’m on my way–eating a Snickers bar for lunch.

I call my GIL and ask about the laundry. Oh, she decided to drop it off herself this morning. So, not only am I not LATE, I’m actually EARLY and have time to drive through McDonalds for a cheapo hamburger and cup of water (95 cents total!) and get to my MIL’s! 10 minutes early.

So, God completely took care of every little detail in that little episode. He saved us $75 that we do NOT have right now, and taught me that it’s ridiculous to sit, stewing, wondering how I’m going to do what I need to do when He actually knows the whole time.

Duh, Tina. Wake up and smell the omnicience!

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