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Top Ten Tuesday

Jenni over at One Thing hosted a top ten reasons she likes the fall. Since I love the fall (it’s my second favorite season!), I thought I would jump in!

Top Ten Reasons I Love the Fall

1. Cooler weather. I hate the heat. And humidity. In southeastern PA we get all four seasons with a vengeance and I’m ever so much grateful for the opportunity to sleep under the blankets with my windows open.

2. Leaves. Because walking through them is fun. Because they’re pretty. Because God created so many lovely colors.

3. Putting all the summer stuff away. Our summer wardrobes are smaller. While I love them, I’m thankful to have a wider variety of darker clothes (I’m a Winter in coloring). Summer clothes are not dark.

4. Shorter Days. Seriously! I’m not talking the ridiculously short days of winter, but the “it’s actually dark when you put the kids to bed” kind. Where you can actually see both the sun rise and set in the same day.

5. People burning their leaf piles. MMMMmmm! Smells very good!

6. Back to School. I’ve already stated before that I’m not a homeschooling mom and why. And this year, in particular, with my MIL…well, back to school has been nice.

7. Routines. With back to school getting up earlier, doing homework and getting to bed earlier, our lives become much more regimented. While I enjoy summer’s free flowing-ness, I also like getting back to our regularly scheduled lives.

8. Cooking. I love fall cooking! All the hearty dishes come back (Ham and Potato Soup and Cider Pork Pot Roast lose their appeal in the summer!). The house smells amazing on a regular basis!

9. Baking. This is the one time of the year I’m remotely inspired to bake. All those spices! Fall and Cinnamon just go hand in hand.

10. Sweetzels Spiced Wafers and Ginger Snaps. You can only get them for a few months out of the year (in this area, at least!). MMmmmm!

Do you like the Fall? Does it inspire you or depress you? Please let me know why!


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