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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. The first week of school is under our collective belts. Bennett, Laura and Catie seem to like their teachers (we’re still worried about Bennett’s teacher–but that’s another post). Bennett had homework this week, which pretty much tells me the nature of his teacher. We continue to hope and pray for a good school year, with lots of education being stuffed into their growing brains.

2. I made a brief mention earlier this week about my mother in law and thought it might be prudent to explain. She has breast cancer. She had a weird reaction to the first round of chemo and has been unable to work for the past month and a half. Once all the kids are in school (Tuesday), I’ll be over there from about 9-3 Monday through Thursday and some Fridays. (Jim and his sister will handle weekends) I’m going to be her primary caregiver, as well as the unofficial secretary for appointments and updates to the family. As I know some family members actually read this blog, I wanted to let them know this.

3. Because of #2, my fall plans are looking a little different. The possibility of working, of doing more at our church, etc, are kind of all on hold for the time being. I’m actually ok with that–I feel very much at peace about this–that this is where God wants me for the time being.

4. We had a small milestone this week. Ethan sat in the chair at Great Clips and got his hair buzzed by someone other than me. I’m not always going to do it, because it is cheaper for me to, but my, it was really nice not having to deal with it other than encouraging him while he sat there. The hands only covered his ears some of the time. PROGRESS!

5. CCMOMC is having their semi-annual clothing sale. With being at my MIL’s house a lot, I’m going to have to be very intentional about getting stuff together and pricing in the evenings.

6. With the approach of fall also comes my cooking and baking time of year. I LOVE good, hearty cooking and often flounder in the summer with all it’s light dishes. I also love to use cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice etc, which are fall spices (for my palate anyway!).

7. With the approach of fall also comes Sweetzels. For those of you out the mid-atlantic area, they are a “Spiced Wafer” which I always thought was a really crisp ginger snap. But no! I just found out that ginger snaps are made having ginger as the main spice. Spiced wafers have cloves, allspice, cinnamon (sound familiar?) as well as ginger. They are amazing dipped in hot tea or cider and always make me think of fall.


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