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Where Things Stand

I keep forgetting to do this!

Getting Healthy: Has taken a little bit of a backseat this summer. I’m off the Byetta until September 1st, and my weight has crept back up to 153. That’s up 7 lbs! Too many sweets, too little structure and too much stress.

Education: Bennett, Laura and Catie start back in FOUR DAYS, Ethan in 12. I have a class in September on running an organizing business and am looking forward to learning some more!

House: Pretty ok for summer! We straightened up the living room, kitchen and playroom yesterday and now it’s just a matter of dealing with all the back to school supplies on the dining room table.

Finances: Um…..not so good right now. We had a decimating August with expenses. I called the bank yesterday and we’re only going to pay the required amount on our home equity loan instead of the extra $375 on top of that. It won’t make much of a difference in the long run–will still be paid off in February–and will give us some breathing room for September.

Spirit: Struggling with paying attention on Sunday mornings, with praying and with reading my bible. I’m not AGAINST God right now, but my actions aren’t saying I’m FOR Him, either. I sat down this morning and made myself read, which felt very good.

Family: Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Wow, that sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Yesterday was actually a very good day. But the ones before that weren’t so good. School and structure and time apart will definitely help familial relations!


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