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This summer I have noticed something extremely important and extremely welcome.

My children are becoming more independent.

Today’s Schedule:
Someone’s house to pick up something from Freecycle
Christian bookstore to pick out Catie’s first real Bible
Food Court at Mall
Bathroom break
The Picture People at the Mall/Playground
Bathroom Break
Picture People (to pick up pictures)
Back in van for trip around the mall
Lens Crafters
Home to feed Ethan, feed the neighbor’s dog Mini-Me and find books

Last year I would have quaked in my boots at even the thought of the above and would have begged someone to come along with me. At the food court I would have gotten the food at all one place if possible so I didn’t have to leave anyone alone for even a moment, or spent the time away craning my neck to make sure everyone was 1) still in their seat 2) not kidnapped 3) not running around.

At the bookstore I had Catie with me at all times because we were looking at a bible for her, but the others just wandered around the store. Even Ethan, although he generally stayed near me. At the food court I got two pieces of pizza for the girls, sat everyone down, stood in line at McDonald’s for Bennett and then in line at Chic-fil-A for me. Everyone ate their food and behaved and no one got up or got kidnapped. While I ate my lunch the three who had to went en masse to the bathrooms. And found me again. No problems. (I wouldn’t send one by themselves, but three together I don’t worry about!). At the Picture People (and wait until I post the pictures of Ethan!) the other three played three “stores” down at the inside playground. No worries.

At almost 8 I allow them a lot more leeway than I would have last year. I trust them more and they have more confidence and know my expectations. Plus, they really are good kids!


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