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For those of you not in Pennsylvania, we got some major storms yesterday. When I got back from picking up the kids after the elder/deacon meeting we were greeted by a electric-less house. Thankfully it was 8:00, so there was only an hour or so until bedtime. And thankfully I found a really bright camp-style flashlight, so there were no fears at bedtime.

The lights came roaring back at 12:20am. And yes, they woke me up. We closed all the windows (A/C came back too!) and went back to bed for a restless night. Today is supposed to come close to breaking temperature records. Thank Goodness for Air Conditioning!

This afternoon is one of my favorite times. The kids and I head over to a friend’s house, where there are triplet boys who are a year older than my guys. I buy a ton of clothes and outfit my boys for the coming season, usually for about $50. CAN’T BEAT THAT!

Now if I could only find a family of girls to do the same with!

Only three weeks until Bennett, Laura and Catie head back to school (four for Ethan). The next two weeks are completely full–something happening pretty much every single day. And I figure the last week will be trying to get back into some sort of schedule with getting to bed early and getting up early, as well as them enjoying their birthday presents.

Oh, and speaking of: I learned an important lesson this week. 6 year olds cannot keep secrets. I took Catie with me to buy Bennett and Laura’s DS’s. Less than three hours later she blabbed. Now, they were pretty sure they were getting them after asking so often, but I never confirmed it. Now they KNOW.

Sigh. So much for a surprise.


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