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Summer Schedules

Remember when I was going to have a schedule this summer? My kids were going to read and do some schoolwork stuff and exercise and all that jazz?

I am SO NOT A SCHEDULE person when it comes to summer time! The only things that remain the same each week is grocery shopping on Mondays and library on Tuesdays. And take out on Fridays. Everything else is in flux.

Do they read? yes.
Do they play some educational games on the computer? Some. Not as much as I would like.
Do they exercise? Catie and Laura played in the pool yesterday and Ethan jumped on his trampoline. Bennett? I don’t think he did a blessed thing that required an extra output of energy, unless you count begging for Webkinz time, which I did not grant.

Shrug. So sue me.

I’ve actually learned some stuff about my kids by going to the library and seeing them watch TV. Bennett LOVES science. Adores it. He only gets out non-fiction books relating to science or the human body (and I have to look at each one before he gets it out JUST TO BE SURE!) No, I’m not ready for him to know how babies are conceived yet! On TV, his favorite show that he DVR’s by the dozen is Magic School Bus. Which, yet again, is science.

Laura, on the other hand, is all about the fairies. She loves reading about fairies. TV seems to be centered around Phineas and Ferb or Johnny Test, which I recently put a hold on because 1) I’m sick of it and 2) I’m not quite sure I actually like it.

Catie. Well, she just goes with the flow and watches whatever and reads books that are easy enough as long as she likes the illustrations on the front cover. 😀


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