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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I will have one child sleeping in my home this evening. One. Uno. Un. Bennett, Laura and Catie are all sleeping over Aunt Robin’s house. They’ve never (outside of hospital stays) slept away from us before. I’m half excited and half sad. Bedtime will be a LOT more peaceful, but there won’t be four sweet kids to pray with and hug and kiss goodnight. Or yell at 30 minutes later “Are you in bed?” “Girls, stop talking!”. Hmmm. Maybe that half excited is actually 3/4.

2. One of our goals this summer was to night-train the children who were capable of it. Bennett was first, in June. Overnight. Without thinking about it. 1 down, 3 to go. Laura was dry one night and then had an accident the next. Ok, you’re not ready. Catie just started last week. Dry three days in pull ups, dry three days on the special pad, dry ever since. 2 done, 2 to go. I think that got into Laura’s brain and really bugged her that her little sister was before her. Something changed and she started being dry in her pullups as well. Three days in the pullups, and this morning was the third day on the special pad. However, due to #1, she’ll wear a pull up JUST IN CASE (Aunt Robin doesn’t need to be woken at 3 in the morning with “I wet the bed”). But once home it looks like 3 down and only Ethan to go and that’s in God’s good timing. Halleluia!

3. I went over my mom and dad’s house to hang out and help clean out and organize their linen closet. We worked hard and got rid of a surprising amount. It won’t stay that way–I know my parents too well!–but it’s a good feeling knowing that I was able to help them.

4. Summer’s heat has finally hit. Up until this week it’s been unseasonably cool. Our a/c bill is WAY lower than normal. But even now, it’s not hit the 90’s yet, which by now we usually have.

5. Can I tell you how proud I am of my SIL and BIL? Their company won the Best of Philly in its category for the 2nd time in three years. They run a terrific company and are truly amazing at what they do.

6. I had worship practice last night with the new worship team. That would be Emma and me. And the piano. We basically sang through a lot of songs–getting to know which ones she knew and giving her a chance to hear the new ones. By now I’m fine playing piano at the practices, but man, I was nervous last night.

7. I was introduced to a new website: Cheap Today, which is really neat. It goes and finds a lot of free or greatly reduced deals on the internet and links to them. Reputable companies, as well, so it’s not going to put you on a lot of mailing lists. So far I’ve only partaken of the free things, but there have been some good sales on other things I was interested in as well.

Happy Last Day of July. One month left until school!!

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