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Things That Make You Go HUH?

Friday morning the kids and I and our playdate friends went to McDonalds for lunch. Bennett apparently didn’t finish his chocolate milk and took it out into the van. No biggie.


Catie found it this evening (still in the car some 56 odd hours later) and DRANK IT.

!!!!!!!! ??????

I even called Poison Control. I said “well, this isn’t poison, but it’s close”. The lady on the other end said she might feel nauseous, throw up, have diarrhea or nothing. NOTHING? Seriously??

Well, she felt nauseated, I gave her a few goldfish and her tummy settled down and now she’s sound asleep. We’ll see if she wakes up at 2am vomiting.

I’ve had to call Poison Control three times in the course of my children’s lives. Two were for Catie.

You know, I never shared the first one with you. Let me go find it in my documents archives…..

This was from December 4, 2003:

Ok, if you can’t handle really disgusting stuff, don’t read this email!!

The triplets are all two, and are all into various states of undressing. Bennett is the worst and is apt to take everything off–including diaper–if not prevented by his clothing. Well, his overalls are in the wash and I honestly didn’t want him in his pj’s all day. About an hour ago, I went to check on the kids and found Bennett’s diaper on my side of the gate. Upon further examination, there were little “marbles” on his side of the floor. Catie saw me and came up to say hi. She had brown marks on her forehead and nose. Dread filling my heart, I picked her up and smelled her breath. Yup, CATIE ATE BENNETT’S POOP!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

I called the pediatrician in a panic and they told me to call the Poison Control, who said it was actually ok. She might feel a little nauseous, but no harm done. I was still hyperventilating anyway and gave her a bath and washed her teeth as best I could (it was also caked on her hands). Euuuu!! In the 2+ years as a parent and having experienced all sorts of disgusting things, this far surpasses everything on the gross factor.

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