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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. It’s hard to believe that we left Beaver Island a week ago! I still haven’t gotten back “into the groove” of normal life. Then again, it IS summer vacation!

2. As a Professional Organizer, I am utterly and thoroughly embarrassed by the state of my desk. The instant I press “Publish Post” I am going to start on it. Seriously, it’s BAD! (and it’s all putting things off until later) Bad Tina, Bad!

3. I had my annual gynecologist appointment today and took all four children. Ethan accompanied me into the room (no chance of peeking!), but the other three were out in the waiting room. My doctor finally got to see the children out of my womb! (oh, and everything went well, thank you very much for asking–Ethan actually distracted me for most of the unpleasant aspects!)

4. After #3, I went to a playdate at a local park, Sky’s The Limit, that my mother’s of multiples club built six years ago. The playdate was with a mom who was “next door” to my kids in the NICU–hers were born 10 days after mine, at only 24 weeks. It’s so nice to have a friendship with someone who understands the whole “lots of doctor appointments”, who even shares some of the same doctors at duPont, who walked through the preemie thing the same time I did, and who is nice in the bargain! We met while pumping milk together. Nothing like that to bond! 😀

5. It’s very overcast today, but so humid that you don’t notice the lack of sun. I HATE humidity! We’re supposed to get a lot of rain–severe thunderstorms even–which will hopefully break the humidity.

6. My technologically advanced kids figured out the DVR system. Without any instruction whatsoever. They even learned how to “record all episodes” and have a plethora of both Magic School Bus and Phineas and Ferb to watch. A shout out to Pragmatic Compendium for introducing me to P&F. Dr. Doofenshmirtz is fun. I love even saying his name! They also taped a lot of Jon and Kate, all of which I deleted. No way are they allowed to watch this season!

7. Can I admit that I finally just gave up on sending out my Christmas letter? It first became a valentine’s letter. Then a spring letter. Then an end of the school year letter. Now it’s just going to become part of my hall of shame and I’ll write another one in November and talk about two years instead of one. Sigh.


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