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But Don’t You Want to Watch My Slides?

So I promised to talk about my vacation and include pictures. Only the second part isn’t happening this time because, well, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Wednesday morning, almost two weeks ago, we set out on our first–FIRST–family vacation since the kids were born. The beginning was a little rough–just getting settled and comfortable and fed and watered. By the end of the day, the rest stops were quick and easy. Everyone took care of their business, ran a bit on the green stuff and was back in the van in under 10 minutes. We liked the hotel and will likely stay there again the next time we make this trek.

The ferry ride, with help from ginger pills for me, was wonderful. Wait, let me back up. Since having children, I suffer from really not fun motion sickness. I used to love roller coasters and all that stuff. Now, if a video camera angle is slightly off I have to close my eyes. A while back, Mythbusters did a special on motion sickness. Dramamine, obviously, was the #1 winner. But Dramamine makes me want to sleep until next week. The #2 choice was ginger. Which comes in pill form and reallyo trulyo WORKS. I took 2 pills 3 hours before, 2 pills 1 hour before and 2 pills 1 hour into the just-over-two-hour-ferry ride. Presto! No motion sickness!

Beaver Island, Michigan is gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. There is a town (SMALL TOWN), woods (lots of them), beaches, two lighthouses and sunsets after 9:30. There is a large–seriously large–sand dune named Mt. Pisgah that we climb, panting and wheezing and taking breaks, only to turn around and run down gleefully. Stairmaster would go out of business if more Mt Pisgah’s existed.

We made smores, slept in, played in the sand, climbed up a lighthouse, read about people who died in the great lakes, read about the only king in America (King Strang, a Mormon who broke off from Brigam Young after Joseph Smith died and became king of Beaver Island), went fishing (Catie caught two, Laura one and everyone else zero), hung out with Jim’s cousin Tom and girlfriend Erin and his dad and girlfriend, ate ice cream, bought BI shirts and sweatshirts, did a lot of laundry and had a VERY good time.

But then there was the drive home, which we will never repeat. It just wasn’t worth it to drive through. Next time we’ll cough up the money, find a motel and sleep!

All in all, an excellent first vacation!


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