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Monday, Monday…ba da, ba da da da

Slowly getting back into regular life. I just have to unpack the 2 suitcases and then everything is away.

I would say that besides being a lot of fun, it was definitely an education on how and how not to do the next vacation. Ethan spent A LOT of time bored. There was no TV, which was fine, but I only brought two toys and he didn’t want to play with one of them. Next time I’ll bring more books on tape.

For the others, the portable DVD players in the car were amazing. No hours upon hours of “when are we there?!” Jim and I spent a lot of driving time listening to “The Sea of Trolls” (14 hours) on cd, which made the hours go quickly. (and I highly recommend the listening to it–excellent story and storytelling!)

Now it’s time to start planning LOTS of play dates. I have one this week and one next week–that’s definitely not enough! I love my kids–really, I do–but they need to not be alone with each other every day.


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