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Vacation Prep

T minus 6 days and counting. I’m making my lists, although I haven’t checked them twice. I need to start walking around with a pad of paper with me at all times for those “Oh! I can’t forget that!” moments that slip very quickly out of my brain.

We had a really good day yesterday. Morning was Ethan’s dentist appointment. THE DREADED DENTIST. E does not typically do well there. He gags all morning before, his hands are over his ears the whole time, and the instant he lays down he starts his chant “are we done? can I go to school? are we done? are we done?”

However, and all of that was true this time, his chanting was not screamed at the top of his lungs, he didn’t kick, he allowed the dentist (not his normal one) to clean his teeth, and only gagged once. I was THRILLED!

Onto the bank, where we used their coin machines to change over all the money in the kids’ piggy banks. Gotta love light BILLS instead of heavy coins.

In the afternoon we had Ethan’s old nurse visit, as well as a good friend with her two kids. All the children had a blast in the pool, which was such a blessing! We’re finally having a good stretch of sunshine after 14 days straight of rain, so the pool is only somewhat frigid instead of completely frigid.

Today…ah, today. We’re hanging out today. I’m doing laundry, putting books on hold at the library for pick up on Monday, and just enjoying existing. Before the horrid humidity hits, summer really is a nice season!


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