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Marrying A Daddy

I did not marry just a husband. I married the future father of my future children. I watched him with my niece and nephew. I saw him with his sister, whom he sort of helped raise because of his parents’ divorce. I saw how good he was with children. And that made me only fall in love with him even more.

While there are wonderful parenting books out there, we largely make up this parenting deal as we go along. With preemies, with multiples, with special needs and feeding issues and visual impairment and refereeing and everything that goes on in our home–we figure it out without a whole lot of input. I haven’t found any couple that has walked our exact road. Hey, if you know anyone PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

And Jim has done a fantastic job with almost everything that’s been thrown our way. Which only confirms what I thought 14 years ago when I said yes to his proposal.

So on this Father’s Day weekend, I would like to honor my husband, the father of our five children, for being such a wonderful father, husband and general man. Thanks, Jim, for everything you do for this family.


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