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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. We are getting close to THE END of the school year. Bennett, Laura and Catie have today, Monday and a half day on Tuesday. Ethan finishes up on Thursday. I’m grateful. Really. I’m looking forward to sleeping in. But the refereeing I’ll be doing? Not so grateful for that.

2. Vacation is now T-19 days. I’ve lined up the cat watchers (neighbors), wrote the letter to the mailman to keep our mail, and have started a basic list. I’m moving from Denial to Planning. I like Planning, so it’s ok. It’s just thinking about Hour 6 of the 12 hour drive that has me diving for cover.

3. My original plans of hanging out at the hospital during someone’s surgery have been nixed by the youngest child saying “Mommy, my ear hurts”. For the third time. That grants her access to the pediatrician. Because the first time anyone says My Ear Hurts I honestly go “Uh huh” and forget it. Kids ears hurt when the wind changes direction. Or when it’s Thursday. Or when it’s grilled cheese for lunch. The second time, I’ll make a mental note that ok, this is actually might mean something–unless it’s at 2am and then it’s painful enough to wake them up and that’s instant access to the doctor. But the 3rd time, ok, even if it’s not painful enough to wake you up then it’s still painful enough for you to complain three times and we’ll go. I’m a tough mommie, aren’t I?

4. Our playroom DVD player has been on the fritz recently–saying “No Disk” when there’s a DVD in there wanting to be played. So I went online and found a DVD lens cleaner. Memorex brand. Like one of those VHS tapes that cleans the heads, this cleans the little laser thingy. AND IT WORKED! Blue’s Biggest Stories played for the first time in like two months. Ethan was so happy! And we didn’t need to buy a new player!

5. I’m going to a bridal shower tomorrow. I haven’t been to one since my own 14 years ago. It’s at Bucca Di Beppo’s restaurant, which if you haven’t ever been to, makes the most amazing Italian food with GIMUNDO portions. I expect to gain weight from this shower.

6. This has been the wettest spring in my memory. We’ve had rain almost every day in June, and a whole lot in May. And you know that some dumb dumb will start talking about the low water table anyway in July. On the good side, I’m sure the farmers are happy. And it’s helping fill our pool without taking any water from our well. But I really miss the sun.

7. I’m looking forward to having leftovers from dinner last night. Mmmmm! Recipe is from yesterday.


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