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7 Quick Takes Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I last did it–time seems to race on ever so quickly at the end of the school year!–but here’s my life in a nutshell for this week.

1. Normally I let my kids buy $10 worth of school lunches per month. By now I am really tired of dealing with the whole lunch thing, so I’m letting them buy everyday if they like the food. 8 days left of school. I’m ready to be finished!

2. Jim and I are having an honest-to-goodness date tomorrow night. We’ll head to La Toltecca (Mexican) and then to our niece’s school play. I love their school plays, especially the end of the year ones, because the director (extremely talented) WRITES it, with all the kids in the drama program in mind. This is our third year attending and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, there’s that added bonus of NO KIDS.

3. I’m right this moment trying something new. I bought Maranatha brand Almond Butter. Regular PB has been making me sick lately, so I thought I would try this instead. It’s actually delicious! Expensive, though!

4. I went to the library and got out Home Renovation for Dummies. Being that I am totally clueless when it comes to this stuff, I thought this might be a good place to start.

5. Ethan has been tube-free for two weeks. The gauze and tape are off and it closed without any problems whatsoever. The area is pink, but the inside of the hole/scar looks a little white–almost flaky. It freaks me out a little, so I don’t look at it a lot. I’m just amazed that we’re done with it after all these years.

6. It was supposed to be field day today. However, if you haven’t seen a weather forecast, it’s RAINING a lot on the east coast. So field day has been postponed for Monday. I have a unexpected, quiet, rainy day at home. I’m going to enjoy it!!

7. I will hopefully have a new recipe for you this week. On Sunday I’m making Moroccan Chicken with Kumquats and Prunes for the first time. Have you ever tried a kumquat? I had heard the word but never saw one, let alone tried one. They are like a small grape-tomato sized orange that you eat the skin of. Some are TART and some are less tart. I like them and wanted to try them in something and found this recipe. It sounded yummy, although I will be skipping the saffron. Sorry. Or not so sorry. Saffron costs too much money for something my family will never miss.

8. (Ooh! An 8!) We FINALLY finished Prince Caspian and will be enjoying the movie tonight while eating homemade (with Boboli) pizza. I hope it keeps to the book!

Here’s to a good first weekend in June. May you enjoy yours as much as I intend to enjoy mine!


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