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Friday evening, without a lot of fanfare, but with MUCH explaining to him, we removed Ethan’s g-tube. He’s had it since he was 9 months old and obviously doesn’t remember anything else. He was quite sad about losing it. He wanted it back in. He cried. He spent literally the next 24 hours on the floor (or bed) lying on his stomach unless we made him sit up and come to the table for food.

But then–THEN–Saturday evening he bounced back. He jumped on the trampoline. He played. He sang. He was himself again. He still said he was sad about it, but whatever it was that made him want to lay down was gone.

And now we are at Wednesday. He still has the gauze and tape over the hole. I could probably take it off but I’m a little freaked out by it. I’ve only seen Laura’s “healed for years” scar. Ethan’s doesn’t look anything like that. So I think I’ll probably wait until Friday and then take the tape off.

Free at last, free at last, thank GOD Almighty, he is free at last!


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