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I Am

A Believer that Jesus was the son of God who came, lived, died and rose again from the dead–to save me and YOU TOO from hell.
A mother of multiples
Happily married for 13 years
Happily a stay at home mom
Organized (well, as much as my four children allow me to be!)
A morning person
A reader
A singer
A piano player
Conservative in: dress, politics, child-rearing
A regular church attender
A recovering addict
A Blogger
A loud laugher, to my husband’s embarrassment
on Facebook, but not obsessively
Thinking about leaving my mother’s of multiples club
A chocoholic
The youngest of three siblings
a casual jigsaw puzzle player
a casual crossword puzzle player
A sometime cross stitcher
my husband’s best friend

Ok, People, Who Are You?


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