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I Am Not

Did you ever notice that it’s a lot easier to define who we are NOT than who we ARE? I read a lot of blogs written by individuals who are nothing like me. Maybe that’s what’s been making me think about this recently. Especially McKMama. Other than our faith in the Lord and current number of kids, and oh, some experience with hospital stays, there’s not a whole lot this woman and I share.

So, in a desire to let y’all get to know even more of me than you wanted to, I thought I might post a few details of what I’m not. Feel free to chime in with the comments about what you are not, as well! One caveat: Just because I’m Not these things does not in ANY WAY imply that I look down on them, so please do not take offense if your personality fits in below!

I’m not:
Into organic (except carrots)
A homeschooler
Anti-dancing or movie-watching
A Democrat
Into the Environment
A feminist, although I’m all for equal pay for equal work
An Evolutionist
A debater

I could keep on going, but dinner really wants to be made so I’m going to stop. Tomorrow I’m going to work on what I AM.


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