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Achievement Day

Today was Overbook School for the Blind’s Achievement Day (aka award day). MY SON, the brilliant boy that he is, won THREE AWARDS! One of them was for the best academic achievement in the elementary school. Only two kids got that one. And MY SON was one of them!

::Basking in the glow of his glory::

And, as always happens, I ended up crying because Overbrook truly is an amazing school. I am so thankful for it! It is the golden lining to Ethan’s blindness. We could have lived 30 minutes farther away from Philadelphia, and Ethan would have been stuck with going to a regular school and dealing with sub-standard Braille instruction, O&M, OT, etc. Or he would have gone to a “special school” that could have helped with his feeding issues, but not been able to challenge him academically because they are set up for mental retardation, not brilliant kids with issues.

But no, God had us buy a home within a far but not unreachable distance to this incredibly nurturing, loving environment where they can know my kid so well that two years ago they put him in a “chatty” classroom to draw him out. It worked! Ethan chatters away now. They work with his feeding issues, give him special exercises to strengthen his upper trunk and extremities so he will be able to hold his cane better, get him to the point that he NO LONGER NEEDS PT because he is AGE APPROPRIATE! Oh My Word, if that just doesn’t blow me away! PLUS, they allow for such individualized instruction that he improves at an amazing rate and gets two fantastic awards for improvement in two years! Plus one for OT and one for O&M this year, as well! I mean, man!

And he is loved–LOVED–at this school. There is no question in my mind that the teachers and therapists and even bus drivers think Ethan is one awesome kid.

Which I love! If he has to be away from me for upwards of nine hours each day, at least I know he’s getting all that love.

So it was an amazing morning at OBS.


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