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Morning Checklist

Being the hyper-organized and incredibly-busy-in-the-morning person that I am, I have devised what I call the Morning Checklist. It’s basically an Excel spreadsheet. Each child gets one column each day. The rows are all the things that need to get done every morning before they leave the house for school. (dressed, shoes and socks, glasses, breakfast, med/vitamins, lunch packed, snack packed, backpack, fix hair, brush teeth, make bed, turn off lights). Tada! I print them out at the beginning of the month, usually four at a time unless it’s one of those weird months, and fill in all the necessary field trips, days off, buying lunch etc information that needs to go on them for our mutual sanity.

I love these sheets because they allow the children to be independent. It’s a lovely word. I’m not the one telling them what to do every morning–the list is. All I have to say is: how much do you have left on the list? And they know what they have to do. It’s LOVELY.

I just printed out the last three for the school year.


10 weeks (minus the time at Lake Michigan) of trying to fill the whole day with four young children who will likely kill each other before August.

Pragmatic Compendium has come up with some basics of what she would like her children to do this summer. Love the list–it’s learning, reading and physical activity. We’re a big reading family, so that will not be a problem. Physical activity–we’re hopefully getting some sort of pool (cheaply!), as well as our current trampoline and bikes and the “I can’t believe my husband is sacrificing his perfect grass to put tires on it so the kids can play frisbee golf” so that will be covered as well. The learning? Hmmm….I bought a Jump Start 3rd grade DVD for them to play the games. I do have a lot of educational CD-Roms that have just been gathering dust on my desk recently for some reason (I don’t think the kids can reach them!). I think I’ll put the Barbie CD-Roms away and make them do the educational ones.

And pray for the summer to pass quickly.


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