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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Yesterday was, as I predicted, almost a total loss. I didn’t have any energy until the afternoon. Then I made the filling for the enchiladas for dinner, made a cake for our church’s fundraising dinner, and worked on finding a cabinet for a client. LOVED that part!

2. Regarding that client, I haven’t worked since November, and that was a one-shot deal. Even though it’s pro bono, I’m loving it. I’d honestly forgotten how much I enjoy helping someone organize their home! Now I’m fired up again about finally checking into getting business cards (never got around to that!)

3. Season Finale time has finally hit. I’m relieved. Monday: House. Tuesday: Idol. Wednesday: Lie to Me and Idol. Thursday: Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t mean to get into so many shows, but House and Lie to Me are both excellently written, HK and AI sucked me into to their vortexes again, just like last year. Thank heavens for DVR!

4. Jim is chomping at the bit to go and see Star Trek. I admit, I am as well, although seeing someone other than Shatner as James T. Kirk will be weird! And UP is coming out this month, too. Why do movies have to be so expensive?

5. I’m pricing stuff for our yard sale tomorrow. I want it GONE, so a lot of stuff is marked $1 or $2. We might not make a ton, but hopefully we’ll see a lot of stuff walk away with happy new owners.

6. Oh, and whatever doesn’t go is NOT coming back in the house! Onto Freecycle it goes, baby.

7. Should I give up and not send out the annual Christmas letter at all, or make it an “end of the school year” letter instead? It’s really sad that I’m asking this in May!


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