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There is a “probable, waiting to be confirmed” case of SWINE FLU at the kids’ elementary school. While the say they are “stepping up” the disinfecting and cleaning, I really think they should close the school. I’ll be keeping my children home. It’s just not safe.


Wait, the swine flu thing is true. Everything after that is what the media would want me to do. One person has died in the United States since this all started. Oh, wait, two people because a child was visiting from Mexico. Cut me a break!

One of the bloggers that I read and love, 6yearmed, is an intern and posted this on her Twitter. “My take on the swine flu: It’s the Brangelina of April ’09.” LOVE IT. She also posted a link to an article about the REGULAR flu, which kills a lot more people each year in the US each year.

People, if you are the panicking kind, please relax and use your common sense. If you aren’t the panicking kind, please continue to spread your peace and joy throughout the world. But everyone, wash your hands!


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