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7 Quick Takes Friday

This week flew by! I can’t believe it’s time to do my Friday thing again!

1. I just got back from Catie and Bennett’s dentist appointment. Catie has THREE CAVITIES!! Oh my goodness! None of the others have had any at all, so this was a big shock. She gets two filled on Tuesday. Knowing how much I hate Novocaine, I feel for her on this one!

2. I led worship practice last night. Jim stayed home and worked and watched the kids. I’ve definitely come to a place where I am comfortable with the team–not a sweaty palm or rapid heart beat in sight! And it went great as well. I love our worship team–they are such terrific people and wonderful musicians.

3. Jim’s big birthday is almost here: the Big 4-0h is on Monday! I think he’s not approaching it with the same equanimity as I did. (I’m loving the 40’s so far).

4. I have NOT been following my diet lately. Lots of junk, lots of carbs. Yet, for some reason, I’m still within the three pounds that I normally bounce between. Not sure how that happened, but I’m rather pleased about it.

5. Our neighborhood yard sale is in two weeks. We haven’t had one in about four years. I’m psyched and hopeful of getting RID of STUFF and making a little money as well. I’m more interested in getting rid of the stuff, but am not too unhappy about the monetary fringe benefit.

6. I pick up Alex in 3 hours. Having one four year old is VERY different from one six year old with three 7 year olds. She definitely wants me to be her entertainment staff and I’m definitely not used to it.

7. My parents are going to a 50th anniversary party this weekend. It never fails to impress me when someone actually sticks to the “for better or worse”. Mom and Dad had their 50th about four years ago and it was a BIG blow out party. I wonder if Jim and I will live long enough to celebrate 50 years? We got married later in life than my parents did. My mom was only 20 when they said their vows. I was almost 27. At least, even if we don’t make it to the 50th, we’re going to keep the “til death do us part”. Which is very awesome knowing.

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