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I’m beginning a weaning process today. I switched my “bookmarks” around so that one of my primary boards is no longer 2nd, but next to last. Previously, I checked my mothers of multiples board multiple time (hah!) a day. I’m trying to see if I can get by without doing that. That is one of the few perks I still receive from the club. In previous years I was very involved, attending monthly meetings, editing the newsletter, and going to get togethers. As my children have grown and I have joined the worship team (which practices on the same night as the meetings), my involvement has seriously dwindled to the board and the twice-yearly sales.

I have made a few good friends over the years. That won’t change. I “preshop” each fall and spring with a fellow mom of triplets (all boys, though) for my boys’ wardrobe. That shouldn’t change just because I leave the club. Working and shopping at the sale would definitely change. But there are other places to shop–two other close “outgrown” sales that I can think of.

I have been playing with the idea of letting my membership lapse in July. If I can survive this weaning, I will most likely do it.

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