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7 Quick Takes Friday

This week has flown by! Even with Jim working late a lot of the evenings, I’m thankful that we’ve made it to the weekend with the original four children we started out with. Because a few times if gypsies had been handy…

1. Laura got her braces yesterday. She opted for a mixture of blue and green rubber bands because those are her mom and dad’s favorite colors. How sweet is that?

2. We had a frost advisory last night, and it’s supposed to get up to 90 this weekend. Yes, folks, it’s Spring in Pennsylvania.

3. I used the self-clean option on my oven yesterday for the first time ever in my whole life. I’m going to call it a mixed blessing. On on the pro side, hey the oven is clean without me breaking my back and using nasty chemicals. On the con side, WHEW NELLIE, does the house STINK! Thank heavens for that weather mentioned in #2 so we can air out the house!

4. Anyone have any suggestions for how not to have roasted chicken grease up the oven? That’s pretty much the killer for me every time.

5. I got the dreaded call from Ethan’s teacher. He uttered his first expletive. He told one of his teachers to “Shut the &%#! up.” WHAT????? Please, let me assure you, we DO NOT speak that way in our home. Nor does anyone in our church. Or even on the bus, according to the driver (there’s only three kids on the bus). Ergo, he learned that word and that phrase AT SCHOOL IN HIS CLASSROOM. I’ll bet I can even guess which kid. Charming. We had many, many chats about it. I didn’t even bring up the bad word because I didn’t want to focus any attention whatsoever on it. We just talked about saying shut up and being respectful to teachers etc. Sigh.

6. I started reading Ecclesiastes. Oh My! Everything is meaningless! Rather a depressing thought, isn’t it? I’m only two chapters in, so I’m hoping it turns around a bit.

7. is WONDERFUL. I’ve been watching “old” episodes from 3 years ago of Eureka. I’m almost caught up. I always wanted to watch that show but didn’t want to commit to yet another night of television. All our regular programs are about to go on break as of May, and Eureka will start up in July. Good timing! Hulu also has Rocky and Bullwinkle, which, I need to say, was excellent television for those of you who scoff.

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