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Where Things Stand April Edition

This is one of those “good intention” things. I meant to do it every month, but haven’t even kept up with every quarter!

Getting Healthy: I think if it weren’t for holidays and the inevitable influx of candy, I’d be much better. Sigh. I lost some pounds and then gained them back. I’m at 148.8 as of yesterday morning. But the candy is now gone so that will again settle down to 146 or so. That seems to be my baseline. I need to start the second dose of Byetta, but I honestly just forget at dinner time. Today I tried giving myself the shot in my stomach instead of my thigh. As long as I closed my eyes it was ok. If I can do that a few days it will give my legs a break–they are usually sore.

Education: The kids have two months left of school. That blows me away. They have learned so much this year–I’m very pleased with their teachers and their schools. I just wish I could find a magic pill for Bennett and struggling with homework Laura just sits and does it. Bennett is SO much more challenging.

House: We are in the preliminary planning stages for a new garage to be built next year. We are going to attempt to be the general contractors, which will definitely be a challenge. As for the current stuff, the carpet is awesome, as is the new range. I love having a real “office” again–it’s just a matter of getting the walls fixed and painted.

Finances: Hmmm…we’re doing ok. This is going to end up being one of those months where there’s more month than money. Jim isn’t getting a bonus this quarter, which we’re going to miss. He’s decided to do some “on call” weeks again, which is not fun. However, it is good money. I’m still tossing around the idea of doing something for funds. Organizing seems to not be doing anything. Sigh.

Spirit: Are you not surprised to hear I’m struggling with reading my bible again? Once I’m done typing here, I’m going to sit down and do it. I think once I get back into the habit it will get easier, it’s just making it a habit that’s hard. However, on the good front, I’m enjoying playing piano for our worship team. One of the things that Jim and I said we wanted to do together at our wedding (13 years ago!) was do worship together. Amazing that we’re actually doing it now.

Family: I think we’re at a good place right now. The 7’s are ending up to be a fun year. Their independence has grown so much. I can sit back and point out the kids’ characters and personalities, their flaws and strengths. It’s so great to know them as people. One on one I actually really LIKE my children. Even if they weren’t my kids I’d want to spend time with them. It’s just when they outnumber me that it gets more challenging. Jim and I are suffering from lack of time because he’s very busy at work. He worked late every night last week as well as last night. My love language is “quality time”. I’m hoping he can take a day off later this week so we can spend some together.


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