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This morning, while grocery shopping at WalMart’s produce department, I was struck by the dichotomy of my area. Facing me was an Old Order Amish woman, in her severe outfit and full black kapp, checking out the tomatoes. Also facing me were two Mexican guys, filling up a bag of tomatillos. I live next door to Lancaster County, which houses a large Amish population. I also live very close to Kennett Square, PA, which is nicknamed “The Mushroom Capital of the US” (maybe world?) and employs a large population of Mexicans. They both frequent my local WalMart. WalMart even has special stalls for the horses (as does the Home Depot in the same shopping center). Both are “different” in both speech and dress from the average joe and jane shmoe (that would be whitebread me).

Can I admit that I got a little chuckle from it?


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