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A Rainy Wednesday Morning

Why is it that rainy days sap your strength and will? Sunny days I can bop around and get stuff done, but rainy days make me want to curl up with a book or the TV and just exist.

I am feeling much better, thank you for asking. Yesterday I straightened a LOT–I guess I don’t realize how much I do around here until it doesn’t get done!

Both cats have their annual vet appointment today. I got the carriers out. When Floyd saw it (when I tried to put him in) he got away and hid as far as he could under my bed. Poor little guy! He’s definitely the brains of the felines in this house.

The kids and I went to the Scholastic Book Fair last night at the elementary school. Everyone got a book–even Ethan! There were, of course, no Braille books, but there were some “tactile” ones for preschoolers and he fell in love with 10 Chirpy Chicks. He took it into school today to ask if his teacher would Braille it for him. I love his school!

Just got back from the vet–with the exam, shots and Frontline, it came to $223. OUCH. Pets are NOT cheap!

I’m thankful to be home the rest of the day and just get things crossed off my to do list. And then, hopefully, have time to curl up and read a bit. Because it’s a rainy day and that’s all I really want to do!

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