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Apple Coleslaw

Thank you, Kraft Foods, for improving Catie’s birthday party on Saturday and my future entertainment times with this recipe. It’s easy, cheap, good for you and EVERYONE LOVED IT.

That’s a total winner in my book!

Apple Coleslaw (with my changes in parenthesis because you knew I would make them)

1 16 oz (or so–mine was 14.5 oz) package Cole Slaw
2 apples cubed–one red and one green is best (I used one gala and one granny smith)
3/4 cup Miracle Whip Lite
1 Tbsp Honey (based on advice by someone else, I used 1 tbsp milk and about 3 silverware teaspoons of Splenda) (because I didn’t have honey)

Mix everything together and let it sit on fridge for an hour to get the flavors to mix. I recommend doubling because seriously, this is delicious and went very fast.

You can find the official recipe here (I got it out of their Food and Family Magazine that they will send to you FREE four times each year!


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