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Next Step?

I went to college to be a teacher. It started out as a secondary school (high school and up) history, but switched over to elementary education. Cuz those kids, you know, they’re so cute!

I got to student teach my last semester of 4 1/2 years of college. I did first grade and fifth grade. Guess what? It wasn’t for me. After graduation I babysat for the summer, which only cemented for me that I wasn’t supposed to be around children that much. I tried data entry–BORRRRINGGGG. I tried Customer Service–too much getting blamed for stuff that wasn’t my fault. I tried being a secretary–Hello! It was a good match! So I was a secretary for seven years before I got pregnant and quit. I still function as our family’s secretary, as I’m sure many moms do.

This week our pastor asked if I would be interested in being his sort of volunteer secretary. Which I eagerly jumped at because I would love to use my skills that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love organizing and being an organizer. But the jobs aren’t lining up and I don’t really have money for advertising. So it seems that this is going to be the next step for me. I’m looking forward to it. No money is involved, just giving of myself. Which, quite frankly, I want.


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