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Menu Planning Monday – NOT

I normally do my menu planning on Sundays so I am ready to shop on Mondays. Normally. This was not a normal weekend (Catie with a stomach bug and Bennett with strep), so I never got around to it. Well, wait, I started it but just couldn’t get anything good to work its way onto the spreadsheet.


Um, yeah. I have an excel spreadsheet called Menu09, with 12 tabs, one for each month. And I’ve kept my old spreadsheets back to 2003. Yes. I’m THAT person. Sorry!

Back to menu planning. I don’t know what it is this month, but I’m really struggling with coming up with dishes. I have a terrific recipe binder, but nothing sounds remotely good. Even stuff I love.

Have you ever had weeks like that? Any really great recipes that you want to share?


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