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Knee Deep In Home Improvement

Step 1 of the tax refund happened today. We have new carpeting on our main floor and stairs and it’s a VAST improvement. However, it has been a vastly exhausting process. We basically emptied the living room, play room and office into the kitchen/dining area. Have you ever watched a show called Clean Sweep where they empty the house and pile it all in one place? Yeah, that’s what it looked like. The carpet installers arrived at 7:02 am, while the kids were all still home and getting ready for school. It was hectic and busy and chaotic, but we all survived.

This afternoon and evening have been spent trying to put everything back. The kitchen is almost back to normal. The office (no longer to be called the den or Ethan’s room, because it’s not either one!) is somewhat jumbled, but at least our “new” (new to us) desks (purchased through Craigslist) are put together. Now it’s just a matter of finding new homes for everything.

Have I told you before that I hate change? Well, it’s still true. It leaves me floundering, trying to get my bearings. Stability is such a nice word, as is familiarity. And no, it doesn’t really breed contempt with me. Just a nice feeling of Ahhhhhhh.

The title of this post could also be “The Week of H-E-double hockey sticks.”

New Carpeting
Put house to rights
Catch up on laundry
Find, sort, and price items for the bi-annual mothers of multiples sale
Figure out what the girls need so I can buy stuff at the sale Friday and Saturday
Clean old range and have it picked up Thursday night
Worship practice Thursday night
New range delivered on Friday morning
Bring donuts and juice to Catie’s class for her 6th birthday Friday afternoon
Pack the van with the sale stuff on Friday afternoon
Work the sale Friday and Saturday
Come home Saturday, really tired, and clean the house and get ready for Catie’s birthday party
Church Sunday morning
Home quickly and get ready for the family to come at 2.

After the party, breathe a sigh of Thank Goodness I survived!


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