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Painting Woes

I hate painting. Seriously. I just am not meant to hold one of those brush thingys in my hand and make paint adhere to a wall. After our big project of painting the living room and playroom in August, I thought I was done for a good long while.

Seems I was wrong.

And what’s worse is, it’s TRIMWORK. Oh, I hate and despise trimwork. The only (and I mean only) saving grace to this trimwork is that the carpet will be missing on all the rooms so I don’t have to be so careful.

Before our carpeting is installed on Monday the 9th of March, the following baseboard/trims wil be painted:

Upstairs Hall

Not just painted, mind you, but PRIMED as well. Priming is such a pain in the tushy. All the work, but none of the sitting back and admiring after you’re finished.

Gripe, gripe, moan, complain. Sorry. I just really hate painting. I love how the rooms look when we’re finished, though!


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