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Night Routine

In between the night hours of putting the kids to bed and going to bed myself and the morning when I sit to type here things are often lost. Ideas. Things I want to accomplish the next day. Grocery list items. More often than not, the tender quiet feelings my children inspire when they are asleep. Nothing is quite so peaceful or beautiful as a sleeping child.

Our girls, Laura and Catie, share a room. Just like our boys do now! But in my wildest fantasies, I do not ever see Bennett missing his brother or wanting to snuggle and have him leave the warmth of his own bed to join Ethan. Nope. Ain’t never gonna happen.

On the other hand, it’s a regular event in the girls’ room. Both my girls have a twin bed of their own. I’m not sure why we bother. The room would certainly be larger with only one twin bed! If they start the night out in their own beds (maybe 50% of the time), by morning they most often end up together. There are no favorites–Laura is equally likely to join Cate as Cate is to join Laura.

The kids’ bedtime is–theoretically at least–8:00. I’m a BIG believer in getting enough sleep. For them as well as myself. My husband? Well, I’m not his mother. Nor am I God and I cannot force him to go to bed early enough. But I digress. 8:00 rolls around and we put the children to bed. 10:00 comes and if I’m being good and getting enough sleep, I make my way upstairs to my welcoming bed. But not before I check on the children. I am absolutely unable to go to sleep without making sure they are covered, warm and asleep themselves.

Last night, after putting Laura and Catie in their separate beds at 8, I went to check on them at 10:45. I found: Catie, coverless, in a tiny little ball on her knees in Laura’s bed. Laura was in a little ball on her side, with only the spread on her upper body. Her legs and feet were coverless.

It’s February in Pennsylvania, and I have the heat set at 60 at night to save money.


Spread off, sheet up, blanket up, spread on and tucked under their chins. Cate’s legs stretch out, she snuggles her head next to Laura’s and nuzzles her best friend. I ask “Is that better?”. She nods, sound asleep. Touch their warm cheeks. Smooth their hair back away from their faces (Catie often masquerades as Cousin It) Kiss Catie. Kiss Laura.

The boys are safe and warm and covered in their own beds. Kiss Bennett. Kiss Ethan.

Good Night Moon. Good Night Room.


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