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Memory Lane

One of the nice things about keeping a blog is the written record of things you have posted. I was wondering what happened last year and looked back. This is what I found: Catie making a decision to follow Jesus. How sweet is that?

I was just saying to my mother yesterday that seeing Catie do things shows me just how much the “preemie-ness” has affected Laura. Catie magically does thing. She just “gets” them–zippering, writing, cutting, putting on shoes and socks. Laura has to be taught everything, step by step. Being a preemie doesn’t stop just because the child is older. Both Laura and Ethan struggle with fine motor skills. Ethan doesn’t have the fine motor strength to do a lot of things including put on socks and shoes. Laura can do that after a lot of training. I would think that was “normal” were it not for my other, full-term, child who is able to do fine-motor skills without training–without thinking.

We’re a week into Laura’s palatal expander. Cleaning it out is G-R-O-S-S, but turning the key each morning is probably the worst part for Laura. It makes her teeth ache. Two more weeks of turning and then four weeks of waiting and then getting braces on her four front top teeth. They’re hoping that all this intervention now will negate the need for full braces later on. I’m hoping it as well! Neither Jim nor I ever needed anything in our mouths, so this braces thing is very new and different for us. I had to call the orthodontist the first night because Laura wasn’t able to eat and it was freaking us out. She has since figured it out, but the first few days were three meals a day of yogurt.

Can I just say Thank Goodness for yogurt? It’s the one thing that I can count on that every single child loves and will eat every day. It’s good carbs and protein. One of the drawers in the bottom of our fridge is the yogurt drawer. I buy anywhere from 4-6 packs of it every week, including drinkable and Go-Gurt ::shudder::.

Well, this seems to have turned into a great big ole post about the kids! No Wifey Wednesday or Works for Me Wednesday, sorry!


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