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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Have I told you lately that my husband is incredibly handsome? No? Well, he is!

2. I debated about American Idol when the time rolled around. It’s such a time commitment! But in the end I gave in and watched it. I already have a favorite–Danny Gokey. Great voice, sad story about his wife dying, nice guy all around!

3. Yesterday I GOT STUFF DONE. Those stupid hang over your head things, like a two months’ overdue letter to our Compassion International Child. Bad Tina, Bad!

4. I had a massage yesterday. Well, I had a search-and-destroy-the-knots session. And man, am I sore today! But I know that within a few days it will get better!

5. I made Jim’s day by telling him I just don’t care this year about Valentine’s. It’s a nice holiday and all, but I’m not in the mood to look for a card or have him try to get me a good one, either. And I can buy my own chocolate. Which I intend to do!

6. I’m taking all four kids over to a mom of triplet boys on Monday to do some shopping for spring/summer. Thusly, I need to go through the boys’ clothes today and see what in the world they have. I’m thinking 7 kids 9 and under is going to be interesting!

7. Finished and submitted both Federal and State taxes and just waiting on Jim’s signature for local. Didn’t owe anyone anything, and getting a nice refund from Federal. Come on carpet, countertops and a range!!


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