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Uh Oh

So I just got a call from my next-door neighbor. She is stuck on the 30 Bypass, which is the highway that bypasses (get it?) what is commonly called Business 30. Yes, folks, I live in Pennsylvania and we drive on weird roads. So she has been stuck in the same place for 45 minutes and wants to know what’s going on. Unfortunately for her and the world, a traffic fatality about a mile from our house at a major intersection. MAJOR intersection. I have be rerouted around said intersection and man, it is NOT fun.

While we were on the phone they completely closed the bypass and had people get off and go through Coatesville to get home. Now, usually that would not mean a whole lot to any of you, but hey, recently Coatesville actually made CNN, so you might have heard of it. A whole lot of arsons have happened there recently. As in another one a few nights ago. As in somewhere in the vicintiy of 30 within the past year. Not kidding. And they have no leads and no clue. Oh joy.

So, back to the story, here’s the uh oh part. Jim comes home the exact same way. 202 South to the 30 bypass west. Which is closed. So I suggest getting off before the bypass even starts and just following Business 30. Pain in the tushy, yes, but it would work. His response? Everyone else is going to be doing the same thing. Oops. Yes, that’s probably true.

I’m guessing Spaghetti Night will be minus one person.


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