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I am Not a Girly Girl

Don’t bother buying flowers for me. They look pretty, ok, that’s true. But they take up space on my counter, and then they start dropping leaves pretty quickly and then it’s just a mess I have to clean up.

Don’t buy me jewelry. I have my engagement ring, my wedding ring and my 10th anniversary ring which I wear every day. For dressing up, I have a nice necklace with little figures of all my children. And now I inherited a pair of diamond earrings from my late mother in law. I’m all set, so thank you.

I’m not into shoes. I own a pair of clogs, a pair of sneakers, a pair of winter boots, and a pair of sandals that I wear out every summer. Oh, and I have a pair of dress shoes somewhere in the closet that I wear once a year to Jim’s company party. I guess now that my feet have grown I should probably buy a new pair of dress shoes. Rats.

Clothes, you ask? I buy clothes for practical reasons. I like pretty things, sure. But if they are trendy then they will also be not-trendy within a year or so. That’s pretty silly. I’d rather buy something I can wear until it wears out. I actually own a sweatshirt that I bought in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1991. Until I got bleach on it last year it was still working just fine.

Hair, you wonder? I get it cut at an actual salon. Because I have challenging curly hair with a very square face and apparently the people at Great Clips don’t have a clue what to do with me. I tried for years, I swear. It’s worth it to me to spend the extra 15 bucks and get a good cut. And I’ve pretty much decided to let the gray grow out. I haven’t dyed my hair since July. I’m 40 now and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it did when it showed up when I was 24.

Chick films? Usually, unless there’s adultery. Adultery automatically rules out books or movies for me.

Chocolate. Well, that’s a different story! I’m a girly as you get when it comes to chocolate.

But please don’t think I’m a tomboy. I’m absolutely not. I’m a girl through and through. I just don’t go for the trappings.


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