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7 Quick Takes

1. Oh, please, please, if you have 42 minutes, please go watch this!!

Dr. Horrible

Apparently it’s been around awhile, but I just found out about it today, so that’s all that counts, right? But don’t let your kids watch. Most of it is fine, but there are a few things that are INAPPROPRIATE for 7 year old ears, as I unfortunately found out the hard way.

2. I’ve been doing pretty ok with actually reading my bible! I try to decide the night before when I will read and then stick to it. Sometimes that works and sometimes not so much, but there is actual QUIET TIME being set aside. The prayer happens. The bible is read. It’s a Good Thing.

3. Laura’s orthodontia is going to cost considerably less than I had feared. I’ll bet I was the first person sitting across the table from the coordinator actually thrilled with the cost. Seriously. Several. Thousands. Less. Happy Dance time!!

4. Our school district has an in-service day today. So, Ethan has school but the others don’t. Therefore, I’m taking them to a movie. I have never taken the children to a movie. They’ve gone once with the neighbors, and Ethan hated it. I talked to him this morning about it, and he did NOT want to go and was fine with the others going. Win-Win!

5. The kids are enjoying the basement. Glad to know all that work is not going to waste!

6. I’m already working on our taxes. I got Turbo Tax the other day (totally recommend it) and put in our charitable information and mortgage interest so far. As things appear in the mail I just put them in. The big thing I’m waiting for is Jim’s W-2.

7. Seriously. Go watch Dr. Horrible. It’s funny, it’s poignant, it’s musical, it’s very good! And you’re even able to get past Neil Patrick Harris’ orientation. He’s that believable.

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