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Deep Thinkin’

Terry at Breathing Grace posted a link to this article today. Wow. I mean, wow. Half of me was convicted at a lot of truth he spoke. The other half of me was saddened that this is his view of what Christian women are today. I mean, am I the only Christian wife honestly struggling for what God wants for me? Who doesn’t expect her husband to make a mint, but spends wisely? Who is trying to lose that baby weight? Who actually–gasp!–likes sex a lot? Not that I’ll be discussing THAT more! But still…I don’t think I’m the only one. But there sure must be a lot of them out there who don’t, because the “joke” about the husband who hands over his paycheck and the wife who overspends is way too prevalent.

One thing he had to say really resonated with me–that we as women tend to view men as less. Not different. Less. We are better, smarter, wiser, more knowing, have it more together, etc, etc, etc. 14 years ago when I was going through counseling for my addiction, this was actually something that came up and we worked through. That men may be as different from women as can be, but that just makes them DIFFERENT. Not better, not worse. God made them different, and thank goodness! While it would be easier to be married to someone who thought like I did, it sure would be boring! And that’s often what stretches us, makes us open our minds and grow!

I’m not sure where this post is going, except that I hope it challenges you. I hope you read the article I linked to. It wasn’t fun, but it was challenging. I hope and pray that the man who wrote it meets some Godly women who show him that a lot of us really DO care and ARE trying.


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