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The Domino Effect

Have you ever wanted to do one thing, but couldn’t because you had to do something else first? That has been the very long story of this coming month.

Our end desire is to have Ethan FINALLY upstairs with his brother sharing a bedroom. Currently he is down in the den, where he has slept since he moved out of the living room (where we had an informal NICU set up). Once he was finished with both night nursing and now night tube feeds it became feasible to do this. But lots of things stood in the way. As of tomorrow, the dominoes will start to fall!

1. New bound carpet remnant and padding delivered tomorrow for us to put down in the basement.
2. Move a lot of the larger toys (dollhouse esp) from the playroom down to the basement.
3. Move the desk from Bennett’s bedroom (soon to be boys’ bedroom) to the playroom for homework and/or art projects (thereby moving them from the always-cluttered dining room table)
4. Move toys from Bennett’s room to either basement or playroom depending on how much room they take up!
5. Move bureau/changing table from den to Boys’ room. And hamper. And diaper champ.
6. Move Ethan to boy’s room
7. Paint den/office
8. Install some sort of new flooring in den/office. Currently it has an area rug (too small) over bare subfloor. Been that way for almost 9 years now. Sigh.
9. Move Jim’s desk up from basement so it will officially become “The Office” like it used to be pre-kids.

Man, that’s a long list! And it’s going to be a lot of work. But, OH, The End Results will SO be worth it!


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