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Errand Day

I love errand day. I know, I’m weird! I save them up and make a whole day of it. Now that I don’t have kids I can make my own schedule. Today I ended up going to:

Bank – deposit all those Christmas checks!
Liz’s – pick up cd
Karen – drop off jeans, pick up books
Bath and Body Works – exchange gift from sis. Love her, but did NOT like the gift!
Yankee Candle – They were having a sale and I got sucked into the swirling vortex of it
Food Court – I was good and had a Garden Salad with a vinaigrette dressing and NO ROLL
Starbucks – I made up for the roll and got a Tall (i.e. small) caramel macchiato. YUM
Toys R Us – Exchanged two “modified to fit your TV” movies for the good Widescreen versions
Ross – Went in to look for a winter coat for me, but didn’t LOVE anything. I want a hood, but something that looks nice. Apparently that’s a difficult thing to put together. Ended up buying some sheets for our bed and a blanket for Catie’s bed. Finally.
Carpetmart – picked out a remnant for our basement and made arrangements for our first floor getting new wall to wall. We have had pink walls, pink ceiling and pink carpeting on our first floor for almost 9 years. We painted everything last August and are finally (with the tax return) getting NEUTRAL carpeting. Thank you, Jesus!
Muldoon’s Kitchen – return their samples that we didn’t like either of’
WalMart – buy a few groceries
Home after 5 3/4 hours.

I had so much Fun! I got a ton accomplished, drove the “long” way instead of the highway, talked to my mom on the cell while I drove (nope, no bluetooth, either.) and people watched a lot. Even met a fellow mom of multiples (baby twins) in my club. I usually accost moms of multiples and ask if anyone has introduced them to our club. Some say “yes!” enthusiasically. Some not so much. They usually are so shocked when I say I have triplets, which I still think is funny. Now that we’re past those horribly difficult early years, at least!

Jim is working late….again. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN. Repeat after me “I am thankful Jim has a job. I am thankful Jim has a job. I am thankful Jim has a job.” and tap your heels together at the same time. Maybe that will make it all go away.

Or not.


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