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Where Things Stand January

I originally meant to do this each month, but whatever! I blame everything on “the Holidays” and am back to it as of now.

Getting Healthy: There’s that “holidays” excuse again. I went off any idea of eating well, I ate a lot of M&M’s (in the house for potty training Bennett), and even stopped taking my shots. Yikes. Other than the M&M’s (which are still here and way too tempting!), I’m back on track now. I gained a couple of lbs, so I’m back up to 149. That WILL go down, though. My goal for now is 135, which would put me at a BMI of 25. I don’t have a date that I’ll hit that, though! 😀 On my way to the grocery store this morning, I stopped at a local “gym” (small and women-centered). The owner/instructor was a little loud for my taste, but she seemed nice and certainly sincere in what she wanted for people. With Christmas money, paying for a year is actually within reach. I’m praying about it.

Education: The kids went back to school today! Halleluia! Ethan very much missed school. Bennett and Laura were happy to go. Catie, as I expected, wanted to go but still complains that it’s too long of a day and that she wants to be home with me. Awwww….

House: Trying to reclaim it from their 2 week vacation. Right now I would say it’s half a pit and half ok. I had to confess yesterday that I’ve been very lax in the housekeeping arena. It’s way too easy as a SAHM with no kids during the day to just read or watch TV. That has GOT to change.

Finances: We’re doing fine right now. After October’s awfulness, fine feels just fine, thank you very much! No vet bills, no outrageous car repairs, no blue-screen-of-death and we have some nice Christmas money thrown in for a little cushion. Thank you parents!

Spirit: Can I actually say that it’s going well?! IT IS! A few posts ago I mentioned Jennifer and her blog. One of things she talked about was deciding the night before what time she would pray. I added to it “pray and read the Bible”. So far it’s been working! I may not be skipping joyfully for the couch, but once there I’m thoroughly enjoying reading. I’m doing a chapter of a bible study book on James some days, and then reading one of the shorter books of the NT out loud to myself. I’ve read Jude, 1 and 2 Peter and today I did 1 Timothy. Man, some of what Paul had to say today was HARD, HARD, HARD!!! But being obedient to spending time reading the Bible is lovely.

Family: I’ve had a lot of “family time” lately. And it’s been a struggle! The kids are great for awhile, especially with the new games and toys, but then one will bug the other etc….I think they really need the structure of school, as well as time away from each other. Jim and I are doing well. We, too, had some clashes over the past few weeks. Time apart seems to do us good, as well!

As with most new years, I’m feeling hopeful. I’d like to concentrate on my health again. I know both of my doctors would like me to exercise. I think I’d enjoy it once I got into it. My concern as of now is the summer when the children are at home. How would that work out? There is no childcare, which is why I haven’t done this before now. So, again, I take it to the Lord and will wait for His answer.

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