Posted in Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas

I have Christmas music on in the Living Room. I’m trying to get “into the spirit”. These past four weeks have not felt very “Christmas-y”, and I really REALLY don’t want the Holiday to go by and not be enjoyed because of all the to do lists. It helps, though, that those to do lists are getting shorter! I sent the fudge in the with the kids today, as well as the Christmas cards. I’ve been working on straightening up the living room this morning, because, well, it’s a PIT. The kitchen isn’t much better. And it’s all pretty much just picking up after ourselves, which none of us is all that good at, myself included.

So, here’s to the first real day of Christmas in our home. I want to consciously celebrate today and ENJOY it. May you find the grace and time to do so as well.

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