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Boo Boos

We had our first run with stitches today. Laura and another girl “clonked” at recess, and it made Laura’s glasses go into her eyelid area–just under the brow–no eyeball involvement. The gash was horizontal (it followed the line of her lens) and fairly deep. I picked her up at school and went to the pediatrician. They apparently do sutures there, although I never knew this before. Daddy thankfully met us before the actual procedure, so I was able to lean on him instead of having to be the strong one.

I think that’s a first. He’s either been the one to stay home with the kids or been at work. We’ve never actually both been together for something in my memory (surgeries excepted). It was very nice having him there.

Other than the last stitch, where the numbing medication hadn’t quite reached (OUCH!), she was a trooper. Her eyebrow area is very swollen and the four stitches look pretty gross. She agrees, so I’m not making it up!

The nurse said it’s going to swell up and that she’s going to get a “black eye”. Just before Christmas pictures. Of course! Oh well. We lived without Ethan’s tooth for three or four years, I guess we’ll survive a year with Laura and a black eye.

Thank goodness it wasn’t worse!


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