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7 Quick Takes

1. Jim is home today on a “vacation day”. I love those days. Sometimes. Sometimes they interfere with my desire to get things done. But I love seeing him when he’s not rushing around, or working from home (that would be a lot), or coming in the door as I’m going to bed. I married this guy cuz I love him and seeing him is really nice!

2. My mothers of multiples club had their Christmas party last night. Ok, there was a Jewish lady there, so maybe we can call it a Holiday Party. No one got too drunk, which was nice. And I got to eat a LOT of yummy food. I haven’t stuffed myself in a long time, but I sure did last night!

3. I’m finally able to see blue sky peeking through! We’ve had rain–sprinkling, pouring, unending rain–for DAYS now. I will take cold and clear over warmish and rainy any day! Especially in December! (Although, believe me, I’m thanking Almighty God it wasn’t snow!)

4. I finally got through all the paperwork that was sitting on the floor next to my desk. Why was it there? It’s been there so long I actually don’t remember!

5. My mom, who would probably kill me if she knew I was posting this here, turned 76 yesterday. 76! She was born in 1932, during the Great Depression. Life before TV, Rock and roll, The Pill, computers, all sorts of medical advancements that I can’t think of…. I can’t imagine what it must have been like. While I live in the modern world and am mostly grateful for what it provides, I can’t help but wonder if we are better off. I bet that their lives were slower paced and less stressful (ok, maybe they were very stressful because of the depression!)

6. I finished my Christmas shopping! Yes, I know I said that yesterday, but it’s still awesome enough to make my list!

7. Fleece is a wonderful thing. I have a fleece pullover on, and when I wear it I’m never cold. I have a pair of fleece pj’s that I can’t wear unless it’s the dead of winter because I wake up sweating. It’s so WARM!

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